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Posted 2013-07-02
Written by Matt Frost
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Just returned from Lonestar PHP, my first time attending this conference in the Dallas area. It was a very well run conference and provided a great deal of value for me. Of course with any conference, it's the people that make it great! I was able to see some old friends and make some new ones as well. I'm going to touch on a few high points for me personally.

The Talks

I was able to see some phenomenal talks during the course of the conference, and from what I heard; there were some I didn't get to see that I really missed out on. The high point talks for me, mostly because they hit my area of interest very directly, were Keith Casey's Hypermedia talk, Omni Adams' Phing talk and Jeff Carouth's Advanced Javascript talk. I would recommend those talks or slides if any of those topics are of interest to you. All of the talks I saw provided a good deal of value!

It was also my first 50 minute talk selected for a conference, so I had the opportunity to give my Mocking Dependencies in PHPUnit talk. I thought it went ok, I really felt like I was lacking on some of the public speaking aspects of the talk. A lot of verbal pauses (ums) and a bit monotone and dry; but I got good feedback on the content of the talk. I suppose I could have probably been a bit more confident in what I was speaking about, but despite that; it was a great experience and hopefully I provided value for the people who ventured in to my talk.

Meeting People

Meeting people in real life is always a bit exciting for me, whether talking to them regularly in IRC or on Twitter (theoretically); it always cool to be able to put a face to a name or handle. I got to meet a good number of people for the first time and spend a bit of time talking and/or eating with them. I feel fortunate I've been able to meet a good number of the IRC regulars that I talk to on a day to day basis (though there a few notable ones I've not yet met). So without naming names for fear of forgetting someone, it was nice to meet all of you!

Seeing Friends

I love seeing friends, I get energized by seeing people that I've not seen in a while. It's always a pleasure to run into the people that have put a face to the PHP Community for me and spend some time talking with them. I was fortunate to have many great conversations this week and a couple that weren't about tech. Everyone makes me feel welcomed and valued, and I can't say thank you enough times. Just this weekend, there was such a positive impact made on my life; unexpectedly so in a couple cases. Great to see those friends again and I look forward to the next time my paths cross with some of you!


This post didn't end up being as specific as I thought it'd be, perhaps because if I recounted every specific encounter that left an impression on me this post would be too long. I really enjoyed all the talks I saw, I seriously can't underscore how great the talks were across the board. Chris, Jake, Daniel and Rene did an awesome job with the organization and execution of this conference; thank all of you for your efforts in bringing us all together. Really hoping to be able to come back next year and really hoping that you'll be able to make it too!


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