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Posted 2013-05-26
Written by Matt Frost
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As many of you that follow me on Twitter probably know, I recently resigned my position at Highland Solutions and took a remote Senior Engineer position with Synacor. At the same time, I've relocated from Northwest Indiana, where I've lived most of my life, to an eastern suburb of Cleveland. So as you can imagine, life has been pretty busy in the last couple months; being that I started at Synacor April 22 and moved to Cleveland May 4th.

Job change

Changing jobs is never easy, like anything in life; leaving the known for the unknown can be scary. At Synacor, I have an opportunity to work with 2 of the developers in the PHP Community that have mentored me through TDD and OO Design (Grumpy and Matt Turland), which was impossible for me pass up. The position I took allowed for me to be remote, with occasional trips to Buffalo for face to face time with the team. Being able to cut out the almost 2 1/2 hours of commuting I did each day has allowed me to spend more time with my kids. I'm very appreciative of my time at Highland Solutions and learned a great deal from my time with them. Leaving behind professional relationships and friendships is a difficult thing to do; but I look back on those friendships with fondness.


Around the time I knew I'd be leaving for Synacor, I was in the middle of selling my house. I had put it up for sale in the middle of March and miraculously got an offer 6 days later for the price we asked. Selling the house was a bit of a wake up call, as I know no idea how many things there were to do. Once the papers were signed, I figured that the home inspection would happen and whatever needed to be fixed would be fixed and then everything would settle easily.

That wasn't really the case, my wife and kids were already out in Cleveland; which meant that cleaning out the house and moving all our stuff had to be done by me. If it weren't for the help of my Men's Group at Suburban Bible Church and my mom and brother, I probably wouldn't have been able to do it. The inspection itself wasn't too bad, there were a few things to fix and for the most part they were pretty easy to do. I got to do some plumbing and masonry type work and add those to my handyman skill set as well.

The appraiser was a bit over-zealous and wanted to come appraise the house just 3 days after the home inspection completed. At the time, I was in Minneapolis with Highland visiting a client; so I couldn't do a lot of the things until I got back. Once the items were completed, the appraiser came back and said that we had to put a new roof on the house. Dragonfly Renovation in Highland, IN came out that week and got the work done well and very quickly, despite the shifting Northwest Indiana weather in April. The house was ready, all I had to do now was get all my stuff out of it.


The timing of everything, admittedly, wasn't great. The closing date of my house was April 30 and at that point I didn't have anywhere to go in Cleveland; my move was actually two-fold. I was moving from my house to mom's across town, while I tried to secure a place in Chardon, OH. I started at Synacor April 22nd, which meant that I was going to be in Buffalo that whole entire week. Coming back and getting everything moved out was a challenge, but we were able to get it done.

Shortly after moving to my mom's, I found a place to rent in Chardon and started making plans to move out. I thought I'd be able to move in the middle of May, then a place became available in early May; so I rushed again, and moved everything up a week. I landed in Chardon, OH and stayed for a week before going back to Chicago for PHP[tek]. Long story short, I've been back and forth between Buffalo, Chicago and Chardon since April 15th. Things have been insanely busy, but I'm very glad I went the route that I went.


Obviously when things are this busy, it's very difficult to get everything done without a lot of help. I want to thank my mom and brother for helping me make trips back and forth to get stuff from my house, I wouldn't have been able to do it with out them. Thanks to Synacor for their understanding during this time of transition for me personally and professionally. Thanks to my team at Highland for all their help with allowing me to take care of the things I needed to do when it came to listing and selling the house. Thanks to Ric and his team at Dragonfly Renovation for doing a great job on the roof and getting it done quickly. Thanks to all those in the technical community that I was able to touch base with and that sent me encouragement, prayers and many well-wishes; it was very much appreciated. Special thanks to Ed Pawlowski, who encouraged me, prayed tirelessly for me and kept me accountable for doing the things I need to do. Without Ed, I don't know that I'd be where I am physically or spiritually today.

This has been one of the most trying periods of time in my life and I'm so grateful and thankful for all those who helped me through it, I only hope that as time goes on I can be as encouraging and helpful to others as these people were to me.


Synacor is hiring Synacor Careers, just sayin...


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