i feel very fortunate for all the experiences i've had writing code, collaborating with people in person or remotely, and putting myself out there.  the php community has been great to me and i really enjoy the feedback, help, correction, and friendship that i've forged with a lot of you.  while i'd love to take the time to thank everyone, i'll do that some where else.  for now, here is a list of the applcations i've written, been a part of, or just really enjoy using.

Regional Page Manager

  • Open Source: No
  • Status: In Progress
  • Technology: ZF/ExtJS, MySQL, jQuery
  • My role: Lead
  • Description: regional page manager is a tool that i'm working on with a client. it's an application that is built to enhance the efficiency of the newspaper production process. from the time when the first designer starts working on a page to the time the last newspaper comes flying off the press - RPM is involved.


  • Open Source: Yes
  • Status: Involved
  • Technology: CodeIgniter Framework
  • My role: Contributor
  • Description: pyrocms is an open source cms. the pyro community is pretty active, there are a lot of feature requests, bug reports, and contributions. my contribution is for version 2.2 and it eliminates the modal preview in the blog module and instead generates a random hash. this allows posts to be previewed via url.


Open source component used for calculating distances. View